Kristina is equally adept at considering the home space and the intimate needs of its occupants.

Consultations can be adapted to any kind of residential space, and the requirement for privacy, seclusion, focus, or indeed for celebration, festivity, and social gathering can be considered in developing a design concept that meets your specific needs.

Working to elicit the specific and profoundly personal relationship between the home occupants and the energy of the space, she can develop and implement a plan that will allow for increased interaction and understanding of a home environment. Whether creating specifically tactile experiences, interweaving natural planting elements that connect the interior to exterior features, or remodelling space to emphasise the emotional flow of the occupants, Kristina is uniquely attuned to the potential of a space’s energy to feed into and nourish the occupants. Art, furnishings, colour schemes and space use are all considered in modelling designs around the way you choose to live.

By confidently yet simply pulling together finished surfaces, design elements, and luxury touches, Kristina can create quiet intimacy or a sheer wow factor depending on residential client needs. She brings an element of the undefinable and intangible that will leave your space feeling like no other. A truly unique imprint that is based on your own energy and intention together with that of the space you inhabit.

Consider making a bold new direction for your home by talking to Kristina.