From traditional office workspace refurbishment to bespoke commercial and retail endeavours, Kristina is able to develop an interior design service strategy that will meet your project goals.

Building on a successful history of creating remarkably unique commercial interiors, Kristina has managed to push her clients above and beyond their original expectations, in some cases to even reconsider, redesign, and rebrand the way they market their goods and services.

Successful examples include the complete redefinition of commercial entertainment spaces, developing strategies that deal with differing budget scales. From importing unique design objects and bespoke crafted features from overseas artists to simple yet elegant refurbishment of second-hand available found objects, any manner of influence can be used directly or modified according to the design concept.

Kristina collaborates with architects and designers to formulate directions that have resulted in significant shifts in the interior space planning, opening up opportunities for increased product, branding, and service visibility in retail environments. Increasing marketing potential, and occupant or user journeys that result in greater engagement, interaction, and reaction to the environment are always core principles leading any commercial space design.

Kristina’s implicit understanding of the energy of a place allows for commercial strategies to be evolved at an early stage that will work with the energy to meet objectives. In this way, Kristina works to offset the potential for future risk based on inappropriate early design choices. Simply following a given corporate branding mandate may not be an effective solution for all interior spaces, and the flexibility to consider what may be appropriate to the specific energy of a space is a mature direction that many companies have started to adopt in their retail planning so that spaces can be tailored to retain individuality, and propose something unique to the consumer purchase process in each location.

In the commercial workspace, Kristina approaches the problem from all angles, working with all actors in the development process to engage a holistic design vision. Pulling together the needs of the company, the daily workflows of the occupants, and objective bottom line financial considerations mean that Kristina is able to propose designs that energise workspace to power results while keeping within target budget.

Working with clients ranging from start-ups to corporate, in traditional office space to mixed-use, Kristina is not specifically limited to a single type of interior space design. Her bold, edgy, and intuitive approach blends with the energy of any required space, and, as such, the space can be viewed in terms of its required potential commercial use and how this target can be best attained, regardless of its current use or definition.

Consider truly redefining what it means to be inspired by your workplace, commercial, or retail space by enlisting Kristina’s expertise to holistically develop a bold new direction for your company or project.