Every piece of artwork commissioned has a unique story and will require a slightly different process. This suggested process shows how it usually progresses. For an indication of the range of prices view the description below each artwork sample.



Commissioned artworks can be created from a specific brief or follow a similar style to an existing piece or range.


Stages and payment

Stage 1

A non refundable 50% payment is required on commissioning of the artwork.

Stage 2

A scan of a concept sketch will be emailed to you for discussion and approval. This will be reviewed and amended before the final artwork is completed. If you decide to discontinue the process at this stage the Stage 1 payment will not be refunded. A further 25% non refundable payment is required on approval of Stage 2.

Stage 3

A scan or photograph of the final piece will be emailed to you for final approval.

Stage 4

The final artwork will be sent to you with packing and delivery costs payable prior to dispatch. This will be quoted in each individual case. Insurance during delivery will be your responsibility.

Other Costs

Framing expenses are not included in quoted prices. If framing is required we suggest you discuss this at stage 1.
Prices are $AUD, include 10% GST for Australian residents, exclude framing and delivery.

Energise a
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Kristina’s Art

Kristina’s interior design is enhanced by her artistic talent. Whether its part of a design project or simply a special commission, Kristina’s bespoke art brings a special energy to any space.